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Version: 1.8.0


The TextDecoder() constructor returns a newly created TextDecoder object for the encoding specified in parameter.


new TextDecoder()
new TextDecoder(label)
new TextDecoder(label, options)


  • label optional

    • : A string, defaulting to "utf-8".
  • options optional

    • : An object with the property:

      • fatal

        • : A boolean value indicating if the TextDecoder.decode() method must throw a TypeError when decoding invalid data. It defaults to false, which means that the decoder will substitute malformed data with a replacement character.
      • ignoreBOM

        • : A boolean value indicating whether the byte order mark is ignored. It defaults to false.


  • RangeError
    • : Thrown if the value of label is unknown, or is one of the values leading to a 'replacement' decoding algorithm ("iso-2022-cn" or "iso-2022-cn-ext").