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JavaScript SDK and CLI for building JavaScript applications on Fastly's Compute@Edge.

Getting Started

We recommend using the Fastly CLI to create, build, and deploy JavaScript Compute@Edge services, as described on the Fastly Developer Hub.

Detailed documentation for JavaScript Compute@Edge services is also available on Fastly Developer Hub.


JavaScript Examples

The Fastly Developer Hub has a collection of example JavaScript applications.

Here is a small example application:

/// <reference types="@fastly/js-compute" />

async function app(event) {
const request = event.request;
return new Response(`You made a request to ${request.url}`)

addEventListener("fetch", event => {

API documentation

The API documentation for the JavaScript SDK is located at https://js-compute-reference-docs.edgecompute.app.


If you find any security issues, see the Fastly Security Reporting Page or send an email to: security@fastly.com

We plan to disclose any found security vulnerabilities per the GitHub security vulnerability guidance. Note that communications related to security issues in Fastly-maintained OSS as described here are distinct from Fastly security advisories.


The changelog can be found here.


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