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Version: 3.13.0


The EdgeRateLimiter constructor lets you open an epen a ERL with the given ratecounter and penaltybox.

Note: Can only be used when processing requests, not during build-time initialization.


new EdgeRateLimiter(rateCounter, penaltyBox)

Note: EdgeRateLimiter() can only be constructed with new. Attempting to call it without new throws a TypeError.


  • rateCounter : RateCounter
    • The RateCounter instance to associate with this EdgeRateLimiter instance
  • penaltyBox : PenaltyBox
    • The PenaltyBox instance which should be associated with this EdgeRateLimiter instance

Return value

A new EdgeRateLimiter object.


  • TypeError
    • Thrown if the provided rateCounter value is not an instance of RateCounter
    • Thrown if the provided penaltyBox value is not an instance of PenaltyBox