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Version: 3.7.0


The RangeError() constructor creates an error when a value is not in the set or range of allowed values.


new RangeError()
new RangeError(message)
new RangeError(message, options)
new RangeError(message, fileName)
new RangeError(message, fileName, lineNumber)

RangeError(message, options)
RangeError(message, fileName)
RangeError(message, fileName, lineNumber)

Note: RangeError() can be called with or without new. Both create a new RangeError instance.


  • message optional
    • : Human-readable description of the error.
  • options optional
    • : An object that has the following properties:
      • cause optional
        • : A property indicating the specific cause of the error. When catching and re-throwing an error with a more-specific or useful error message, this property can be used to pass the original error.